Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Enterprising learning: How to create the new jobs?

In an article in the Spring edition of Graduate Market Trends (GMT), Professor David Rae from the Lincoln Business School at the University of Lincoln argues that in the new era of recession, uncertainty and zero growth, enterprising learning is an essential skill for students and graduates as they face the most adverse job market for a generation.

David goes on to say that educators face the greatest challenge of their generation in enabling graduates to learn how to start their careers, in which the most enterprising will also be the most employable. A new paradigm of entrepreneurship is needed which is socially engaged and responsive to the dynamics of the new era. ‘How to create the new jobs’ is the key question facing us, since the enterprises which will grow strongly in an eventual economic upturn may well be created during the slowdown and be very different from the casualties of the recession.

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Kathrine Jensen
(GMT editor)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

We're still here

Still here but working very hard on research data.

If all goes well, we may have some interesting information on how the graduate economy is looking at the moment soon - but we're trying to be careful to provide hard fact and not rumour.

Meanwhile, useful information can be found in places like this: Personnel Today's redundancy tracker. But bear in mind that an employer that has cut jobs may also recruit elsewhere.