Monday, 1 November 2010

What Do Graduates Do?

Well, What Do Graduates Do? is now out - a great piece of work by our very own Isla Johnstone, and by Janet Willis at Manchester and the rest of the AGCAS team there.

It's inevitable that, at a time when higher education is a big political issue, that the book would capture media interest. And, it's also inevitable that when we're looking at a cohort who saw the most difficult employment climate for nearly 20 years, that some of the coverage is quite negative.

But overall, the story is not that bad. Unemployment for graduates has probably reached as high as it is likely to for the near future, and it peaked at 8.9%. When you consider what we feared two years ago - and what happened in previous recessions - it has not turned out too badly.

What this years What Do Graduates Do? says, simply put, is that even in the worst recession many of us have ever experienced, the large majority of graduates got jobs, and fewer than one in eleven were unemployed six months after leaving.

The modern world is one where young people get all sorts of messages, from all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons. What Do Graduates Do shows the value of having good information, getting good advice and receiving good guidance before making potentially life-changing decisions.