Monday, 25 July 2011

(Belated) Charlie elsewhere

Been a lot on recently, which is why I haven't said anything about DLHE (of course I have lots to say about it) and the AGR survey (oddly enough the Press didn't cover the bits where the AGR members thought that graduate quality was going up).

I have been bothering the readership of the New Scientist again, though, so if anyone wants to read me being sceptical about whether we need more STEM graduates or now, here it is.

Summer GMT is out!


HECSU’s quarterly guide to the graduate labour market launched last week, offering perspective on the funding cuts and a sneak preview of the Real Prospects: Higher Education study.

HECSU researcher, Holly Higgins led the research from Graduate Prospects, which asked 22,000 graduates about their experiences of working life. In the summer edition of GMT she reveals some initial findings from the higher education report about what graduates want from careers services:

Also in the summer edition of GMT, Pearson Learning's head of policy, Steve Besley, puts the changes in higher education (HE) and career guidance provision in context and Professor Roger Brown from Liverpool Hope University concludes that the new free market discourse reflects an ideological bias.

Ernst & Young and Deloitte showcase their non-classic routes into graduate-level employment and the University of Bedfordshire investigates the embedment of employability into the HE curriculum. There is also an article from the University Alliance about how universities should address the challenges ahead.

View the on-line summer edition of GMT at:

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