Monday, 21 May 2012

If you go to university, you will probably....

Something I wrote on my holidays

If you go to university, you will probably....


Enjoy your course

  • The 2011 National Student Survey reported that 83% of students were satisfied with the quality of their course
  • Most students also report that their course is intellectually stimulating, their lecturers enthusiastic and supportive and that their course has aided their own personal development

Get a paid job within six months

  • 70% of UK domiciled graduates from 2009/10 were known to be working 6 months after graduation. 3% of those who were employed were voluntary or unpaid workers.
  • Another 13.5% were in further study

Get a permanent job within six months

  • 63% of UK graduates from 2009/10 working six months after graduation in the UK were on permanent contracts.
  • 5% were freelancing
  • 11% were on fixed-term contracts of more than a year (this latter includes newly-qualified doctors working as pre-registration house officers)

Get a graduate job within six months

  • 63% of employed graduates from 2009/10 were working in ‘graduate-level’ jobs six months after graduate

So, it is worth going? Probably.

Anything else I ought to add to my list of 'probably's?