Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Graduates and nursery education

The Government has made announcements about changes to nursery education this morning, but there is one thing that troubles me and will trouble any institution who already offer courses in Early Years Education and its equivalents.

Last year 1015 first degree graduates were working as nursery nurses after six months. A further 495 were working as childminders. There are clearly graduates entering the profession.

However, these jobs fall under SOC classification 6121, and are classed as below professional level, non-graduate jobs. This is already an issue - are these graduates really not in graduate jobs?

Institutions or departments fulfilling the desire of the Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Education and Childcare to train graduates for childcare and nursery professions will find themselves earning poor employment metrics on KIS and Unistats, and will thus incur the wroth of the Minister for Universities and Science for not sending enough graduates into professional level employment.

This tension will need to be resolved if these new plans are to be successful and to avoid institutions who do as one Government department wishes falling foul of another.

Edited at 11:10: If you want this put a little more simply, here's a rudimentary infographic.

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