Monday, 21 January 2013

Social benefits of higher education

The OECD have just released a brief report on the social benefits of HE across their member nations. Much of the information comes from 'Education at a Glance', but presented in a neat way.

The UK is included, of course, and data shows that graduates are significantly more likely to vote in the UK, and more likely to report satisfaction with life in general than non-graduates (no life expectancy figures for the UK, oddly enough). Graduates in Greece seem pretty hacked off, though, and who can blame them?

This kind of information is always very welcome as we all want rather more metrics to demonstrate the value of HE than rather narrow measures of individual lifetime earnings.

More of this sort of thing, please!

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Ashley Pook said...

Its fantastic to see these benefits outlined, i think in the current climate it is sometimes hard for people to see the benefits of higher education with rising university costs and the lack of jobs for graduates. Thanks for great article!